Banner Saga Caravan Movement

So I’ve been playing Banner Saga for a few days.
I found the gameplay to be rather boring and underwhelming but as a winter person I kept playing just for the winter/snow scenes.
Brilliant art, good writing, great scenes etc.

One of my favorite things for me was the caravan scenes,

Doesn’t that looks BEAUTIFUL?
Yea they put such awesome scenes in between the fights to keep player going and it totally worked on me.

Anyway, so I decided to do that myself in Unity, as I always do. I manage to… recreate it somehow. Sadly programmer art is nowhere close to what you’ve seen above.


But it works and that’s satisfying enough for me. It’s just bunch of boxes moving on bezier curve really, nothing complicated.It also has a n-layer background, all infinite, generated as caravan moves etc.
I’m still not that comfortable with Unity but I think the overall structure is rather decent and flexible.

You can also check it out here;

Anyway you can find the project below,Let me know if you have any questions or whatever. ( )
I hope you like it, cheers!


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