Oldies – Pirates

It was a project based on my random island generator thing. It’s just something like a tech demo, generating multiple islands at once etc. Nothing fancy but it was a good start I say.

I still keep dreaming about that pirates game actually, I still believe it would be glorious and damn successful. I won’t go into that, not talking about my precious billion dollar ideas here for sure HARRR!

It looks something like this;

I know it looks ridiculous but the concentration point was turning that one map generator to work on a giving coordinate. Then I was planing to create a big huge voronoi diagram and create an island on each voronoi site etc etc.

I’m pretty sure I’ll go back to this in future. Damn pirates have so much wenches… ehm I mean potential. Until that I’ll just keep playing Sid Meier’s Pirates…

And here comes the…

I must warn you though, code is most likely horrible. It might give you various kinds of disease, start a hurricane, place you right by the Gandhi on map or make you want to gauge your eyes out. All these projects are “as is” and I won’t be able to help you much further with them ( I really don’t remember much ) or fix bugs etc etc.

If you like them though, you’re obliged to let me know and feel happy. I want to feel happy. Don’t be mean. ( you can use the comments below or mail brnkahyaoglu@gmail.com )

Download: Pirates.zip (517.63 kb)

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