Soooo it has been a while eh?

I know I know, I really should start posting again. It’s not that I’m not doing but I’m terribly busy and doing some oh-not-so-cool stuff these days. ie. master course homeworks -_-

Yeah, boring days, development wise.

Anyway, I had little free time yesterday and decided to check out Unity3D. I actually was looking for a chance to check it out for… a few years now? Finally yesterday was the day!

My first experimental work was on hexagons as usual. I just love hexagons.

I learned a decent amount of stuff about code management and structure of unity. It’s quite fun really, even felt a little bit toooo easy haha.

Even after switching from XNA to Unity, I’m still creating every object vertex by vertex by the way, not sure if it’s a good habit or not but sure feels weird.

Anyway you can check it out here; ( WASD for movement and mouse for camera )


Oh yea I’m also LOVING this web player thing. A few seconds of gameplay is sooo much better than thousands of screenshots afterall.

I’ll try to post more and especially about Unity in the future.


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